Tom Botzet - Achieve Services, Inc. - Personability

Tom Botzet - Achieve Services, Inc. - Personability

Be aware that when you work alongside Tom Botzet, his endlessly positive attitude is likely to rub off on you. Tom greets everyone with a smile and gladly takes on every new task that comes his way. He enjoys meeting new people at Achieve and regularly visits various people in their office to have a conversation.

We had a chance to interview Tom about his work at Achieve:

How long have you been with Achieve?

TOM: 10 Years. Same as Aaron Magnuson. I got the 10 years of service award last year.

What is your favorite job to do?

TOM: I like collating with Patty upstairs [in the Anoka County Human Services building] and I like doing cards in the workroom. I work in the kitchen, too, where I clean tables and put up chairs at the end of the day.

What do you like best about Achieve?

TOM: I like the people. I work with John Anderson and Chris Delaria, they’re my bosses. They’re nice and they help me.

Tom Botzet - Achieve Services, Inc. - PersonabilityDo you have fun when you’re at work?

TOM: Oh yeah. We play games and do other leisure stuff some times.

What do you do when you’re not at Achieve?

TOM: I like to play on my computer at home. I play games like Wheel of Fortune and Solitaire.

What else do you do for fun?

TOM: I have a 4-wheeler that I like to ride. I ride that up north at my cabin. We go there over the Summer.

Do you take the bus to Achieve?

TOM: Yes, I do! Kathy is my bus driver at night and Cindy in the morning and I like them a lot.

Personability posts are an ongoing feature on the Achieve blog. Stay tuned for more interviews with people like Tom!