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    Specialists & Direct Care Team

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    Policies & Procedures



& Direct Care Team

Achieve employs specialists who can provide insight and knowledge specific to their expertise. There is no need to bill health insurance or Medical Assistance for these services.

Restorative Aide

The Restorative Aide focuses on occupational therapies such as massage, pressure point stimulation, aromatherapy, and auditory therapy to improve motor skills and provide sensory experiences. The Restorative Aide is supervised by a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA).

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    Stimulation of pressure points
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    Auditory therapy

Behavior Specialist

When a person does not have the skills to communicate how they feel or do not understand what is appropriate in a particular setting, unwanted behaviors may occur. Our behavior specialist evaluates individual behaviors and situations to determine the most positive and consistent approach to addressing unwanted behavioral issues.

Registered Nurse

Achieve contracts with a registered nurse who advises staff on participant illnesses or health concerns. The nurse also supervises medication administration.


Transportation to and from the program and community job sites is a part of Achieve’s basic program service. 

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    Private Transportation

    Achieve operates multiple buses with wheelchair lifts, vans, and cars to help participants travel to and from work each day. Drivers are employed by Achieve and receive the same training as program staff.

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    Public Transportation

    Participants who do not require transportation assistance may elect to use public transportation such as Metro Transit or the Anoka County Traveler to travel to and from work.


and Procedures
  • Mission and Values
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Code of Ethics & Corporate Compliance
  • Program Eval and Outcomes Measurement
  • Data Privacy
  • Program Abuse Prevention Plan
  • Admission, Temporary Service Suspension, and Service Termination
  • Title VI Plan
  • Prevention and Reporting of Maltreatment of Minors
  • Accessibility
  • Rights of Persons Served
  • Client Rights Video
  • Input from Persons Served
  • Grievances
  • Emergency
  • Emergency Use of Manual Restraint Update
  • Responding to and Reporting Incidents
  • Reviewing Incidents and Emergencies
  • Releasing Participants
  • Participant Funds
  • Death of a Person Served
  • Safe Transportation
  • Anti Fraud
  • Program Abuse Prevention Plan (PAPP)
  • Participant Handbook