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Jenny Medtronic

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You may not realize it, but your contributions to Achieve Services this year have enriched the community where you live. Your gifts have empowered people with disabilities to find new opportunities for work, and gain greater independence.

This year Jenny M. joined several other Achieve participants who work at Medtronic. She described the experience as “a great opportunity” and says it has helped her prove to herself and others that she can do more. Jenny’s smiling face and positive attitude in the workplace hasn’t gone unnoticed. One of the Medtronic supervisors even said the workers that come from Achieve “have a positive attitude that is starting to rub off on us. Humility is starting to rub off.”

At Achieve Services, we believe that a positive and vibrant attitude can inspire people everywhere to want to do more. With your help, we can continue to enrich our communities by spreading positivity, creating jobs, and increasing independence.

In 2015 Achieve Services:

  • Increased community employment and engagement opportunities.
  • Launched Achieve Clean Laundry Detergent, creating jobs and new partnerships.
  • Partnered with local schools to bring Achieve’s musicians to a new audience.
  • Advocated on behalf of people with disabilities to businesses and legislators.

We have big plans for 2016 including an expansion of Achieve Clean, new artistic endeavors, and more opportunities for participants, employers, and staff to engage with the community and tell our stories. In order to accomplish these goals, we need your help.

All gifts are tax deductible.

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