Achieve Services, Inc. - Aaron Magnuson, Abra Auto Body

If you have been involved with Achieve Services for the last several years, chances are you have seen Aaron Magnuson. Aaron is the one of the friendly participants who makes regular stops around the offices to say “hello” to all of the Achieve staff. He recently became one of the more prominent faces of Achieve with his image appearing on the front of our “Personability” marketing materials.

Aaron is the first participant to take part in the “Participant Highlight” feature, which is to become a re-occurring series on the Achieve blog. We interviewed Aaron to learn more about him and what he likes at Achieve:

How long have you been with Achieve?

AARON: About 10 years.

Aaron Magnuson - ABRA - Achieve Services, Inc.What are some of the jobs that you do?

AARON: One is at ABRA Auto Body where I clean up the place and another is at the Anoka County Government Center.

What kind of work do you do at ABRA?

AARON: I clean up all the garbage and the boxes that they leave out for me. I also put the car parts in the back so they’re out of the way.

What kind of work do you do at the Government Center?

AARON: I put boxes away and take lots of deliveries to people.

What is your favorite job to do?

AARON: I like all of them. I like the government center on hot days because it is inside.

What do you like about the people at Achieve?

AARON: I like when people take me out to lunch and I like the drivers.

Which drivers do you like?

AARON: I like Kathy because she takes me home. We talk about the drive and sometimes I talk to her about my nephews.

What are some of your other favorite things about working at Achieve?

AARON: I like Tony who answers the phone, but he’s kind of a goofball. I like all the people here. It’s fun working at Achieve.

Stay tuned for more Participant Highlights at the Achieve Services blog!