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Jenny Muller, Personability, Achieve Services, Inc.

Attend any Achieve event and there is one smiling face you are almost certain to see: Jenny Muller. Jenny enjoys getting out in the community and she regularly attends Achieve fundraisers, volunteer events, and open houses. This Summer she will be featured with other staff and participants in the Blaine Days Parade as part of Achieve’s 50th Anniversary celebration. Not only is she present at many of these events, but she often helps organize them and works behind the scenes to make sure they run smoothly.

We had a chance to interview Jenny about her experiences with Achieve:

How long have you been with Achieve?

JENNY: I started right after I graduated high school in 2008, so almost five years.

What are some of the jobs that you do?

JENNY: I do gaskets, cards, shredding, and laundry. I’m a busy bee! Every job is my favorite because I like to earn money and I like the people here.

Jenny Muller, Personability, Achieve Services

Jenny with her mom, Tammy, at the Achieve Fall Fundraiser.

Is there anybody specific you like to work with?

JENNY: Everybody! Everybody is so nice.

What are some activities you enjoy to do at Achieve?

JENNY: The fundraisers. I like helping Achieve out. At the last fundraiser I sold tickets and beads for the heads and tails game. I also like the time that Achieve goes out. I go to Meals on Wheels on Monday and Feed My Starving Children on Wednesday. I also go to Target once a month to help buy things for Achieve.

What type of activities do you like to do when you’re not at Achieve?

JENNY: As crazy as this sounds, I think a lot about what I’m going to do the next day at Achieve. Also, I like going to the movies with the people at my house.

What is one of your favorite memories from your five years at Achieve?

JENNY: I was in Kathy’s room when I started, but I got promoted a couple of years ago to the work area where I got to do more work and harder work.

What else do you like to do at Achieve?

JENNY: I like to do everything! Exercise group is fun. XBox [Kinect] is my favorite. I just love working here.

Personability posts are an ongoing feature on the Achieve blog. Stay tuned for more interviews with people like Jenny!