Kelly hard at work at a Holiday Station Store.

Kelly McAlpin has no problem being in the spotlight. Whether busting a move on the dance floor at the fundraiser, singing one of the songs he helped write, or posing for photographs, Kelly always has a smile on his face. In his nearly two decades with Achieve Services, Kelly has worked a variety of jobs on-site and in the community. When he’s not busy working, he also has a wide variety of hobbies and interests including sports, video games, and music.

We had a chance to interview Kelly about his time at Achieve:

TC Live 6

Kelly with Twin Cities Live Host Elizabeth Ries after his appearance on the show.

How long have you been working at Achieve?

KELLY: It will be 19 years this year. I’m going to get the 20 year award next year.

What are some of the jobs you do?

KELLY: I take out the garbage on the outside of the building. I work at Holiday. I used to work at McDonald’s in Coon Rapids. I have also worked at Medtronic in Fridley. I also do Christmas cards and birthday cards.

What’s your favorite job to do?

KELLY: Holiday. I got a five years award for working there.

What are some of your favorite activities to do at Achieve besides working?

KELLY: Music with Joe [Dance at Your Own Risk]. My song is “Over Kick.”

Tell us more about the songs you wrote for the music group.

KELLY: I think I was watching wrestling and there’s this average guy, Simmons, he does a broke kick and over kick. I sing about the moves.

Watch Kelly dance to his song “Over Kick” at last Fall’s fundraiser:

What do you like to do when you’re not at Achieve?

KELLY: I like to go on dates. We go to Twins games or Vikings games or out to dinner and to the movies. When I’m by myself I like to play CDs and dance.

What is your favorite thing about Achieve?

KELLY: I like hanging out with Lynn. She takes me out to lunch sometimes for doing good work.

Do you have any other favorite memories from Achieve?

KELLY: We got to ride in a limo [for Dance at Your Own Risk] and be on TV.

Personability posts are an ongoing feature on the Achieve blog. Stay tuned for more interviews with people like Kelly!