"Music-Sota" CD – Dance at Your Own Risk


Dance at Your Own Risk teamed up with students at the Anoka County Bridges program for a joint album that features a wide variety of genres and styles. The two groups performed their songs live on KFAI radio and at the Lyric Arts Theater in Anoka, Minnesota. 100% of proceeds support people with disabilities at Achieve Services, Inc.



This CD includes 12 songs:

1 – You’re So Special to Me (Larson/Loskota)
2 – Kiss My Girl (Grieser/Brauch/Peterson/Chong/Loskota)
3 – Your Mama (Steele/Brauch/Peterson/Chong/Loskota)
4 – Fake (Peterson/Qualy)
5 – Boots and Cats (Brauch/Grieser/Chong/Loskota)
6 – Jam Band (Bridges/Loskota)
7 – Soundscape I (Bridges)
8 – Bounce (Bridges/Loskota)
9 – Soundscape II (Bridges)
10 – Drum Line (Bridges)
11 – And I Do – 3:23 (Grieser/Loskota)
12 – The Christmas Guy – 0:33 (Chong/Loskota)

All proceeds from album or individual song sales go to the individuals in the band and to support programs at Achieve Services, Inc.

DANCE AT YOUR OWN RISK: Josh Larsen, Matt Grieser, Scott Brauch, Chad Peterson, Kyle Steele, Brian Chong

Recorded at Achieve Services, Inc. in Blaine, MN.


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