"Changing Attitudes" CD – Dance at Your Own Risk


Dance at Your Own Risk’s latest album features 11 original new songs including a polka dedicated to one young man’s love for the Northstar Rail, several love ballads, and a humorous number about daily life at Achieve. These songs have been performed live at Northtown Mall, local schools, and at the Album Release Party at Achieve Clean.



This CD includes 11 songs:

1 – I Love the North Star (Larson, Loskota)
2 – Collette (Larson, Loskota)
3 – Amy (Grieser, Loskota)
4 – Ballad of Abby Ryder (Grieser, Loskota)
5 – Mattress Story (Larson, Loskota)
6 – Junk Food King (Grieser, Brauch, Chong, Vensland, Loskota)
7 – Gigi (Larson, Loskota)
8 – Hey North (Larson, Loskota)
9 – Erik, Please Come Back (Grieser, Loskota)
10 – You’re So Special (Larson, Loskota)
11 – Fudgy Boy (Grieser, Brauch, Chong, Vensland, Loskota)

All proceeds from album or individual song sales go to the individuals in the band and to support programs at Achieve Services, Inc.

DANCE AT YOUR OWN RISK: Scott Brauch, Brian Chong, Matt Grieser, Josh Larsen, Adriana Vensland

Recorded at Achieve Services, Inc. in Blaine, MN.