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Cindy’s smile can light up a room and her sense of humor keeps co-workers on their toes. She is currently in her 10th year at Achieve Services and she brings a great attitude to work everyday. She formerly served as the participant representative on Achieve’s Board of Directors and she has lots of experience working in the community and in-house at Achieve.

We had a chance to interview Cindy about her experience:

What are some of the jobs that you do at Achieve?

CINDY: Cards, gluing paper on the boards, cans. Now I get to do dishes.

What jobs do you do in the community?

CINDY: Holiday Gas Station and Medtronic. I used to work at some places that we don’t go to anymore like AccuKare and McDonald’s.

Which of these jobs is your favorite?

CINDY: Holiday is good. I like doing cards here at Achieve. Dishes are all right. I like jobs in the community best because the day goes faster.

What activities do you do at Achieve besides work?

CINDY: I’m going fishing in a couple of weeks. We do crafts on Fridays. XBox with Carol is fun.

Who are some of the staff that you like to work with?

CINDY: Lonnie, Sherry, Kim, Colleen, Mary, Ben…too many to mention!

What do you like about the staff here?

CINDY: They listen to you. I like to talk about a lot of things and people like Tina listen and talk to me a lot.

What are some of your hobbies when you’re not at Achieve?

CINDY: Watch movies, go to the library, go shopping, go out to eat. I also like going to festivals and expos, and to the State Fair. My favorite thing to do though is watch movies and relax.

Why is having a job important to you?

CINDY: It means I make good money! (Laughs) It gives me something to do every day. Before coming to Achieve I was just sitting at home taking naps.

Personability posts are an ongoing feature on the Achieve blog. Stay tuned for more interviews with people like Cindy!